Tropical Car Wash helps protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. Salt, acid rain, bird droppings, UV rays, tree sap, and road grime are corrosive and damaging to vehicles.If not removed,theywill permanently stain yourvehicle's finish.Detailing services, high-pressure water nozzles and pumps, and soft cloths are the best way to clean vehicles while reducing wear and tear on interiors and exteriors. Cared-for vehicles can be valued at more than $1,500 higher at resale or trade-in.


Professional car washes are an essential part of vehicle care and maintenance, and it is recommended that your vehicle gets a professional washevery 7-10 days.A professional detail job at leasttwicea year will keep the carpets and upholstery looking like new.


We are dedicated to keeping your vehicle as clean as possible. Our experienced detailing department and dedicated staff will keep your vehicle looking its very best and make sure that it is completely cleaned to your satisfaction. We have a large three-bay area designed for our detail experts to handle any type of job.Just come in for a free quote! Tropical Car Wash offers expert detailing services at competitive prices.


Exterior Details (Include Complementary Supreme Wash)

Complete Detail

Hand Wax

Clay Wax

Compound Buff

Glaze Buff

Rim Polish

Headlight Polish

Engine Wash

Interior Details (Includes complementary Supreme Wash)

Complete Shampoo

Carpet Shampoo

Seat Shampoo

Leather Cleaning

Leather Treatment


Supreme Wash

Manager’s Special plus Armor All on door panels, clear coat conditioner, clear coat protectant, and front rubber mats washed

Manager’s Special

Full Service wash plus Armor All on tires and dashboard and air freshener

Full Service Wash

Exterior Wash plus windows and interior vacuum and wipe down

Exterior Wash

Exterior Wash and wipe down

Early Bird Special

Full Service Wash discounted Mon.–Thurs. 8-10 am

Happy Hour Special

Full Service Wash discounted Mon.–Thurs. 4:30-5:30 pm

Hand Wash

Full Service Wash done by hand plus Wheel Bright and Armor All on tires

A La Carte

Clear Coat Conditioner (Polish wax)

Clear Coat Protectant (Sealer wax)

Exterior Vinyl Dressing (Armor All on exterior vinyl)

Insect Removal (Removal of stubborn insects on exterior)

Interior Vinyl Dressing (Armor All on dashboard and door panels)

Tire Dressing (Armor All on tires)

Wheel Bright (Tire's white wall and rim cleaner)

MiG 2012